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Turkey Summer Courses
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The 212 Turkey trip consists of four major aspects of study.


Over 2000 years ago when Christ came to earth to bring the message of His father, he didn’t have the ease of Google search and cell phones to get the “good news” to every one who needed to hear. He relied on the mouths and lifestyles of 12 men, and when he left to return to heaven with His father he gave us the same charge He gave His followers, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” What does discipleship look like today? How can we live it out as Jesus and his disciples did in the 1st century? As we walk this journey together we will see the great importance of being a part of a community, studying the Word of God, and being intentional with whom you pour your life into and who you allow to have influence in your life. As leaders, we will live out II Timothy 2:1­ 2 and intentionally pour into and equip you to be able to go home and serve God in whatever sphere of influence he calls you to in life. We will also give you “ spiritual” tools for your ministry toolbox so that you can pour into the people God asks you to influence.

Evangelism and Missions

We will see the God of Christianity on a world ­wide scale as we work along side   the Turkish church and among the Turkish people. We study various styles of evangelism (friendship, servant, lifestyle, etc), and will we learn how to incorporate the various styles into our ministry in Turkey, as well as how they will apply to our lives at home. We will also discuss how to share our faith cross culturally in a way that is sensitive while at the same time clear and effective. We pray that those we come in contact with will see our passion for the truth of the gospel, understand the love of our God the creator and come one step closer
to knowing more intimately their Savior Jesus Christ.


We will learn how to interact with Muslims in a loving way and how to use their Islamic beliefs to open up conversations about Jesus Christ and the Bible. We will learn from various experts on Islam and strive to understand the beliefs and actions of one of the fastest growing religions in the world today. The goal of our study is to equip students to have the confidence and the knowledge to better share the truth, hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Training

We will experience the atmosphere of the early church, see the beauty of Christ’s love for His people, touch the rich history of the land, taste the power of sin’s oppression in our world and hear the powerful message of truth from the Word of God. We will travel throughout Turkey to many of the 7 churches of RevelatIon and to many parts of Paul’s missionary journeys. You will rediscover God’s Word as you personally experience the cities, the sights and the letters of the Bible by studying the archeology, the geography, the history and the culture of15 fIrst century cities.

Our prayer is that you will come to know your Savior more through the training in and practice of spirItual disciplInes, missions, disciples hip and Biblical teaching in the land of the Bible. May you see God use you in mighty ways through the study of His word and you r interactIon wIth the Turkish people.

Turkey Description

In a country of over 70 millIon people, 99.8%  are  Muslim and there are scarcely 5000  known believers.  Yet as you look at the history of  Turkey, it contains roots of early   Christianity and the explosive growth of the early Church.  

While studying discipleship, Islam and missions,  you wIll have the opportunity to reach the  lost and  do ministry in the same atmosphere and culture where Paul, John, PhIlIp, and   Timothy dId 2000 years ago.  You will see, experience, study, and walk on and in the land of  the Bible. The  Bible and God will come alive  to you in a rich and vibrant way as you  study  the Bible In its  ancient  cultural setting In cities such as Ephesus,  Sardis, Pergamum, Hierapolis, MIletus, Priene, Didyma, and laodicia.   

You will witness God use you in a variety of ministry opportunities that wIll touch your life, open your eyes, and cause you  to depend on and draw near to God. If you desire to grow in your relationship with God, while having your eyes opened to the power of God’s word, come and walk  the ancient ruins of your faith and watch as God opens your heart to fall deeper in love with Him, while  breaking your heart for the turkish people.   

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