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Peak Leadership


The Peak Courses consists of three major aspects of study. The first is in the area of leadership. We study and seek to develop several leadership skills and competencies that will help students in becoming effective leaders. We use several sources coupled with experiential opportunities to actively implement the skills we are learning in a challenging environment. We intentionally spend a significant amount of time looking into the practical application of these skills as they relate to specific ministries and leadership positions of each participant at home.

The second aspect of the course focuses on evangelism; bringing an individual one step closer to the person of Jesus Christ. We study various styles of evangelism, i.e. friendship, servant, lifestyle, etc. We learn how to incorporate those into our ministry in the field, as well as how they will apply to our positions at home. We study the gospels and see how Jesus encountered people, and what lessons we can learn from those encounters. We also discuss how to share our faith cross culturally in a way that is sensitive while at the same time clear and effective.

The third aspect focuses on world religions, specifically the belief system of the people we are ministering to. For example, in Nepal we will look at Hinduism and Buddhism. We study various experts in the field of Eastern Religions, as well as the teachings of these two belief systems. We also have a number of interfaith dialogues with holy men of Hinduism and with monks from various schools of Buddhism. The goal of our study is to equip students to better share the Truth, hope and love of Jesus with the people who adhere to these world views.

Each team will have other uniqueness' with regards to curriculum as it relates to the culture and country we are in, but each course will have these three elements. Please see the course descriptions for additional areas of study and application.

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