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We’re excited about the adventure we’re about to embark on together! Please read the following steps to help you along in the application process. If you have any questions, call or email us anytime.

4 Easy Steps to your 212 Degrees Experience:

Register - After you read through all 4 steps you will come to a "Lets Get Started" button. This button will take you to our Donation/Application page. Once the Donation/Application page appears fill in the required information. Then scroll down ignoring the names until you see the Registration Fee for your specific team. Once you find your team look to the right across from your team. You will see $65.00 and a box asking for the Quantity, in the Quantity box put a 1. Next you will enter the account you would like to pay with (this can be from your checking account, savings account or a credit card). For the donation frequency you will put "one time," and the donation date can be any date after today's date.

After clicking next you will be taken to the account information page. Here you will fill out the information for the account you will be paying with. Please make sure this information is accurate before submitting. The next and final page will layout all your personal and account information. After double checking to make sure things are accurate click "Process Donation" to submit your Registration Fee.

Once your fee has been processed, you will receive an Application Packet within 3-5 business days.

Apply - Fill out your Application, Health Form, and Terms and Agreement form and return them to the 212 Degrees office with your $500.00 Application Deposit. (Your Application Deposit can be sent with your forms via postal mail, or paid online by repeating step one and paying the Application Deposit on the Donation page.) Space is limited for all teams so turn in your application as soon as you can.

Prep Materials - Once your Application and forms are in to the 212 Degrees office your Application will be processed. Upon acceptance you will receive a “Preparation Packet” that will be your guide as you prepare for your Peak experience. Your Prep Packet will include financial deadlines, dates for turning in forms, a support-raising guide that will help you raise support for the trip, and all the information you need for gear, domestic travel, travel insurance options, and itineraries. Make sure you read through the entire packet so you are on time for deadlines and have all the information you need for a Peak trip.

Head to Your Destination - This is the best part: the adventure begins! Be ready to meet God in amazing ways, fall in love with the people you minister to and return home never the same again!!

Have you reached your Peak Performance?

Questions? Contact: - 612-940-4669

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